Announcing Central Office Suites!

Announcing Central Office Suites!

P3 Data Systems is proud to announce our new solution, Central Office SuitesTM a cloud based platform which includes ID management & security, tenant & user management, application single sign-on, subscription & billing management, data integration, and 24/7 customer support. This platform is fully customizable to your needs, combining best in class native cloud applications, application virtualization and cloud deployment and white labeling capability to emphasize your own branding.

Achieve a new level of agility, while meeting the professional services sector’s high standards for data security, client privacy, and regulatory compliance. Moving to the cloud can accelerate access to real-time contextual information and allow organizations to operate in a more economical, secure, and responsive environment.

Optimize your operation by streamlining processes. Do your employees spend too much time on labor-intensive manual processes rather than productive work?

Central Office SuitesTM   allow you to administer, integrate and align your front and back office functions in one platform.

Increase agility and reduce costs. Deploy new services and experiences by using a scalable and modular cloud-based infrastructure. Move completely to the cloud, or integrate cloud services with on-premises servers. Reduce service implementation and running costs with our comprehensive platform. Speed deployment and lower costs by enabling advanced device connectivity and management infrastructure. Minimize implementation risks and overhead costs with flexible solutions that can scale globally. Help ensure security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. Be more efficient and effective while meeting regulatory requirements. Reduce the burden of compliance and associated costs by ensuring that devices and client data are more secure and manageable.

Central Office SuitesTM are being used now by clients ranging from enterprise level to small and medium sized business, from the public to the non-profit sector. Is there a Central Office SuiteTM in your future?

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